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May 24, 2020  

In the second message in our God and Money series, Pastor Grant Wortman shares on God as our provider. How do you receive the provision of God in your life? In what ways will God meet your needs? All that and more in this sermon.

May 18, 2020  

In week 1 of this series, Rachel Wortman teaches how our understanding of God can affect our finances. An accurate picture of God is essential for all things related to the kingdom of God and this message will show you how to see God clearly. When we understand how God thinks about money we better understand how to spend our money.

April 9, 2020  

In this teaching, Grant and Rachel Wortman walk us through the story of passover and how God established the role of Jesus as the Passover Lamb. We know you will be inspired, challenged, and impacted by this walk through the Bible.

March 9, 2020  

In this message, Rachel Wortman shares how to let go of excuses and unhealthy motivations to reach people for Jesus.

March 2, 2020  

In this teaching, Grant Wortman walks through the Biblical ways to worship. Be inspired to connect with God in fresh ways, dig a little deeper, and worship with more of your heart as you listen.

February 25, 2020  

In this message, Rachel Wortman shares the importance of paying attention to your thoughts. Discover how Jesus thinks about our thoughts and what you can do about it.

February 17, 2020  

In this message, Rachel Wortman shares the why and how to of a great prayer life. Listen and learn practical tools, clear vision, and tools to help you develop your prayer life.

February 10, 2020  

In this message, Grant Wortman leads the church through a soaking experience of scripture. 

February 3, 2020  

In this message, Rachel Wortman shares how important it is to honor what God is doing in your life. Using keys from John 15 you will discover how to remain in Jesus' abiding presence.

January 27, 2020  

In this message, Lead Pastor Rachel Wortman shares the direction and focus for 2020 at Bethel OKC. Discover the implications John 10:10 has for us today.

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