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May 23, 2021  

Tune in for a very special message from our Senior Pastors Rachel and Grant  Wortman. Bethel OKC is taking on a new form with new leaders and this message will explain how we got here and where God is taking us.

April 26, 2021  

In this teaching, Pastor Rachel teaches on Romans 8:1-17 and what it looks like to live by the Spirit or the flesh in practical terms.

April 19, 2021  

In this message, Pastor Rachel examines the parable of the 10 virgins found in Matthew 25:1. What is Jesus trying to tell us with this story? Through cultural understanding and biblical insight you will have a deeper understanding of the importance of this parable for the times we are living in.

April 11, 2021  

In this message, Rachel Wortman shares how and why our community is moving to gathering twice a month instead of weekly. 


***There are some sound quality issues at the beginning of this recording.

April 4, 2021  

This message is a recording from Easter 2021 where Pastor Rachel looks at the moments leading up to the cross and how that impacted the human side of Jesus.

March 28, 2021  

In this teaching, Pastor Grant gives a history of the week leading up to the Jesus taking up the cross. What historical events were adding to the story? What symbolism is prevalent that modern day people may not see? In this teaching he will explore all of that and more.

March 22, 2021  

In this message Pastor Rachel invites you to let God use you to work miracles. You will hear biblical promises as well as practical steps you can take to minister healing and miracles to someone in need.

March 15, 2021  

In this message, Pastor Rachel begins a new series looking at the life Jesus lived and the life He invites us into. This message is all about Jesus as the light of the world. This aspect of His nature is more in depth than you might think. 

March 7, 2021  

In this teaching, Pastor Rachel looks at the 3 types of gatherings in the New Testament church and how they apply to our form of church today.

February 14, 2021  

What does the Bible really say about women submitting to their husbands? How is a Godly marriage supposed to look? Can a woman be called to ministry if her husband does not feel called? 

In this message, Pastor Rachel tackles these hard questions through what the Bible really says.

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